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Exceptional childcare as unique as your family.

tiney is a new childcare service and community built around modern families. Using tiney you can find safe, trusted and high quality early years childcare in your neighbourhood that perfectly matches your needs. Every tiney provider meets standards that are more comprehensive than those set by Ofsted and embraces the tiney philosophy of home-based, play-centred, family-style care.

Childcare you can trust.

The tiney service is built in partnership with some of the most trusted names in Early Years Childcare.

What is tiney?

tiney is a childcare service and community that makes your family’s entire early years childcare journey an amazing one. We help families find the best Ofsted registered childcare in their local area, and provide a modern app to manage every aspect of your ongoing childcare experience. Children who join tiney benefit from family-style home based care with experienced providers in settings that are vetted in person by our early years team. On top of the benefits of smaller ratios and homely settings, all children regularly attend larger events and group activites as part of vibrant tiney local communites.

Complete peace of mind in your pocket

The tiney app makes your ongoing childcare experience a joyful one. We’ve eliminated all the typical headaches of engaging a childcare provider, enabling you to easily manage your entire childcare experience at the push of a button.

  • Instant chat with your provider

  • Simple online payments and statements

  • Secure photos and videos

  • Participate in education progress and milestones

  • Easily book extra care

  • Dedicated customer support

Why do families trust tiney?

To create tiney we’ve spoken to hundreds of parents and childcare experts to build a new kind of childcare that prioritises the most important needs of modern families.


Providers are hand picked and vetted in person by one of our education experts to standards more comprehensive than those set by Ofsted. Every provider is DBS checked, first aid trained and operates in a safe home setting.

Education centred

All providers are trained educators and deliver the national EYFS in family style play-centred homes. Dedicated providers and small group sizes improve language development and ensure a high level of school readiness.


Children at tiney benefit from family style meals, a guarantee of no unsupervised screen time and a healthy lifestyle facilitated by energetic out of home activities at local tiney community groups with other children.


The tiney service is as flexible as modern life demands. Families can request extra childcare or sibling care easily, and with inclusive Emergency childcare we guarantee an uninterrupted service.

Family Focused

Using tiney means a great experience when your child is at home too. By tracking your child’s development we provide fun, age appropriate activities through the tiney app to help you play a part in your child’s education.


By combining exceptional providers with modern technology we’re reinventing the childcare experience. Via our app, we ensure that all messaging, billing, bookings and communications are in your pocket whenever you need.

How it works.

tiney is the quickest way to find high quality local childcare in your neighbourhood and the easiest way to manage your daily childcare needs.

Our team at tiney is made up of early years education experts and technology specialists. Together we’re working with amazing home based providers and forward thinking parents to create an entirely new standard for childcare.

- Annaliese Hendry, tiney Community Manager


How does tiney work?

tiney provides parents with exceptional home-based childcare coupled with a fantastic and modern ongoing experience and community through our app. Get started by sharing your childcare requirements with us and we’ll match you with great settings that are rated good or outstanding by Ofsted, trusted by tiney and a great fit for your family. You get to take your pick from our recommendations and visit the settings in person to ensure you find a perfect fit. From there, if you’re happy, you can get started easily using our app to buy your childcare, message with your provider, track your child’s daily progress and much more.

How is a tiney provider different from a traditional childminder?

tiney combines the best parent experience of high quality nurseries with the personalised, safe and convenient, family-style childcare that so many families are looking for.

Research tells us that the quality of a child’s early years have an enormous impact on their outcomes. We also know that a super start in these early years of life benefit children well into their time at school, and beyond into early adulthood. At tiney, we are parents ourselves and take our responsibility to help you provide the best start in life seriously. All our providers and their settings are quality assured and vetted in-person by a tiney early years expert. This takes place at the point they want to join us, and continues throughout their time with us. Our quality assurance programme focuses on four key areas: quality of environment, child wellness, school readiness and parent satisfaction.

Everyone in the tiney community receives continuous support to ensure they deliver a gold standard of care. They benefit from regular best practice advice from our early years experts, business support and an active participation in a local tiney community, which offer high quality group activities for children.

Alongside this, you will receive a whole host of benefits you won’t get with a traditional childminder. These include: comprehensive insurances, formalised sick cover and emergency childcare arrangements, frequent group events to help your child meet a wider group of playmates and a great mobile app experience for payments, easy bookings and educational progress tracking. All this while being part of a growing community that puts children at the centre.

What unique benefits does a home setting offer?

Our belief that home-based early years settings are the right choice for children is underpinned by an extensive and growing body of research. For example, studies tell us that children in small, home-style settings make above average development in early language development and reading. This is no surprise to us, because home-based early years care guarantees children the opportunity to build a strong, secure bond with a single adult in a small setting that is ripe for early communication development.

We know that what matters most to us as parents is the quality of the provider in the home-based setting, which is why we invest our training and resources in supporting them to make the most of the unique benefits of their home-based setting. High quality providers are highly emotionally responsive to those in their care, typically over a long period of time, which enables them to guide children towards taking steps to regulate their own behaviour and emotions. Many of our members have taken care of children from the time they were toddlers through primary and even into secondary school, building a strong, long-term bond.

Some additional benefits for children include: family-style routines be it lunch around a kitchen table, trips to local shops and playgrounds or playrooms akin to their own at home; and the flexibility for small groups of children to participate in regular, weekly activities with other settings, which broadens and deepens their understanding of the world around them.

They also provide great benefits for parents, including greater convenience. Home-based settings typically offer greater flexibility for bookings, which nurseries cannot accommodate. Families can also take their pick of settings that are either close to their home, place of work, or anywhere in between. The vast majority of our settings also offer wrap-around care, including nursery and school collections, which cater for the more complex needs of growing families, including with older siblings.

What does tiney charge for childcare?

Our goal is to offer parents value and affordability, whilst ensuring your providers can earn a good living wage. tiney’s rates for childcare vary by provider and region. We use numerous data-points when we help providers establish their competitive rate, including comparisons with local providers and nurseries, and national benchmarking data published by organisations such as the Family and Childcare Trust.

Tiney may charge a small percentage of the childcare fees in order to fund the support, insurances and digital services we provide. The details of these service fees (if applicable) will be clearly visible to all parties on any invoice or payment receipt.

Can I use my government-funded hours and other schemes with tiney?

Yes, tiney enables the use of both your 15/30 government-funded hours and eligible Tax-Free schemes to pay for your tiney childcare.

Are tiney providers employed directly by tiney?

No. tiney providers are all self-employed and run independent businesses. We believe this offers the best combination of support and quality assurance from tiney, and autonomy for the provider.

Is tiney secure and safe?

Absolutely. We take safeguarding and security very seriously - from how we work to background checks of providers all the way through to how we engineer our website and mobile products and handle your data. As parents ourselves, it is our ongoing focus to ensure tiney home-based settings are the absolute best environments for your little ones. All of our providers are Ofsted registered and meet their exacting standards.

Tiney also has the highest of respect for your privacy and the security of your data. We will never share your data with third party advertisers. Any content you have shared through tiney will always remain yours, and we will always respect your rights should you decide to leave tiney. The same goes for your provider’s privacy and data. You can read more in our privacy policy.

Where is tiney currently available?

tiney is currently launching across London. However, we are rapidly growing across the UK. To find out when we’ll be live in your area, sign up today.

tiney is on a mission to reinvent at home childcare and unlock the potential of every child.

For parents, this means easy access to childcare options that fit around busy modern lives. For children, it means participating in a vibrant community with thoughtful early years education drawing not only on the EYFS guidance but blending best practice from around the world. For providers, this means allowing them to focus on the children in their care, relieving the burden of running a small business.

tiney is a pre-registered B-Corp based in the UK.

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