Ros Pattwell

a tiney home nursery provider

Established since January 2016

A thoughtfully organised setting that fosters children’s independence and communication skills through child-led play, run by a qualified primary school teacher.

Ros Pattwell

South Merton, London

3 years experience

Max. No of children

3 under 5 years

Hours of Business

7:30am - 5:30pm

Ages catered for

3-10 years



Term-time only

We love Ros’ belief in the importance of children developing their own healthy self-care habits (from putting on shoes to potty-training) and her direct work with children and their parents to encourage confidence.

Annaliese Hendry

tiney Community Manager

About Ros

I’ve always had a special interest in the early years and after qualifying as a primary school teacher, I developed my skills in nursery and reception classrooms. I established my own home-based setting in January 2016 and drew on my experience to offer a well-rounded education and care.

Trusted by

Unique highlights


English, Cantonese, Malay, TeoChew & some Mandarin

Car available for childminding

Insured by AXA Insurance

School drop-offs & pick-ups available

Hillcross Primary School

Support provided for potty training

Ros is happy to help parents with potty-training

Supports breastfeeding mums

Ros will accept expressed breastmilk for babies if required

Ongoing professional development

Merton Early Years and Childcare Training Programme Childminder Webinars on

Our guarantees

  • Ofsted registered

  • A mix of adult led and independant activities available

  • DBS checked

  • Paediatric First Aid trained provider

  • Well-ventilated rooms with comfortable temperatures

  • Designated keyworker for every child

  • Clean, bright designated play area

  • Supports child during potty training

  • Play equipment is clean and safe to use

  • Non-smoking home

  • Monitored staff to child ratio

  • Smoke alarms installed and working

  • Super simple payments and statements

  • Two year old progress checks

  • Safe, secure, GDPR compliant messaging

  • Access to rich library of material

  • Comprehensive insurances

  • Daily outdoor play

Other benefits

Non smoking

Clean, bright designated play space

Outdoor space

Designated space for naps

Regular weekly outings

Snacks included

Ros’s tiney home nursery has adjoining indoor and outdoor play space where children are free to move between different activities.

Equipment and storage in the light-filled conservatory is organised at child-height so that even the youngest toddlers can begin to develop their independence. Ros believes passionately in the importance of children developing their own healthy self-care habits (from putting on shoes to potty-training) and works with children and their parents to encourage confidence.

The expansive garden benefits from a rich variety of outdoor activities, including gardening, growing vegetables, waterplay, climbing frame, trampoline and small trikes. The garden’s patio is sheltered, so that children can benefit from outdoor play all year round.

The Child Experience at Ros' tiney home nursery.

At Ros' tiney home nursery your child will regularly attend local playgroups, park picnics and visits to Pets At Home.

They will experience regular playdates with other children in approved home nursery settings to experience playing in larger groups of children. The trips to Deen City Farm are a particular favourite!


How we select our childcare providers

We discover established exceptional providers

We send a member of the tiney community team to visit in person

We interview the provider about their ethos and approach

We ensure the setting is up to scratch and consistent with our tiney guarantees

We work together to deliver a great ongoing tiney home nursery experience

tiney is on a mission to reinvent at home childcare and unlock the potential of every child.

For parents, this means easy access to childcare options that fit around busy modern lives. For children, it means participating in a vibrant community with thoughtful early years education drawing not only on the EYFS guidance but blending best practice from around the world. For providers, this means allowing them to focus on the children in their care, relieving the burden of running a small business.

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