We’re currently working with a select group of hand-picked childminders from across the UK, and together we're looking to raise the bar for at-home childcare.

If you join tiney we'll help you earn better rates with less small business hassle—all without losing the autonomy and independence of being a small business owner.

Interested? Get in touch by emailing community@tiney.co.

tiney is on a mission to unlock the potential of every child.

For parents, this means easy access to an exceptional, affordable, childcare community that’s built around busy modern lives. For children, this means thoughtful play-based learning within the highly regarded EYFS framework in high quality safe settings. For providers, this means allowing them to focus on the children in their care, relieving the burden of running a small business and ensuring maximum job satisfaction.

tiney is a pre-registered B-Corp based in the UK.

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    Tiney is a trading name of Village Children Limited registered in England & Wales.