The benefits of being part of the tiney community

Earn more

We’ll help you fill places and find you great rates. Best of all, if you’re approved to join, then our service is free.

Save more

You’ll get money saving perks such as free insurance, contracts and specialist early years expert support.

Save time

We’ll drastically reduce your admin time with our app and plug you in to our ever growing tiney community.

Get more with tiney

What’s on offer?

At tiney we want to help small business owners like you earn more, maintain your autonomy and feel happier. We’re also bulding a service you can trust by partnering with some of the most well known names in early years including mumsnet, Morton Michel, Annabel Karmel and My Family Care. We believe that by combining early years expertise and community with modern technology we can completely transform the childcare experience on offer to families in the UK and beyond.

Do more with the tiney app

If you join tiney you’ll get to use our new assistant app which connects you directly with tiney families and unlocks a host of benefits. The app is super simple, GDPR friendly and a huge time saver for things like payments, messaging and more. As a new tiney provider we’ll also enable you to use the app with any existing family relationships you have - completely free.

  • Save hours of admin every week

  • Get paid in advance

  • Easily manage new bookings

  • Inclusive comprehensive insurance

  • Free sick cover and income protection

  • GDPR friendly messaging

  • 24/7 instant support from tiney

Get online and fill more places:

As a tiney childcare provider you’ll get a completely free webpage which is beautifully designed to help parents understand more about you and your setting.

  • Get online with your own webpage

  • Get support to achieve the best rates for your area

  • Show your setting in it’s best light

  • Free professional photography

  • Free marketing and matching to families who are a perfect fit for you and your setting.

New to childminding or recently registered? tiney can help you accelerate your new home business.

tiney isn’t just for established providers. Whether you’re currently training, newly registered, or have recently opened your setting, tiney is an amazing way to accelerate your path to growing a successful home based childcare businesses.

If you’re just starting out you’ll get free access to a host of essential resources and training. As you progress you’ll get a personal tiney community mentor to guide you through best practice as you head toward registration and ensure you can tackle your first Ofsted visit with confidence. And best of all we’ll also cover all costs such as your DBS and Ofsted registration visit (subject to you subsequently joining tiney).

To find out more about how we can support your training, or accelerate your recently established business, contact our team today.

The key commitments we’ll be making to one another if you choose to join tiney.

tiney App

You use the tiney app for messaging families, receiving payments and other features that we add over time.

Filling Availability

We’ll market your availability on and help fill places at a great rate that you’re happy with.


You use our funded insurance-backed contracts for the families we place with you.


You make a commitment to meet our quality standard and we’ll clearly guide you through the requirements at every stage.


We streamline payments from families so that you’re paid in advance and at your schedule, removing any awkwardness around late payments or billing for extras.

Our Business

Our service and products are completely free for you. We add a small fee to childcare bills to cover the comprehensive tiney service.

Contact our community team

Get in touch today and our tiney team will help answer any questions you might have about how tiney works or what we look for in our ’Trusted by tiney’ suitability check.

Annaliese Hendry

tiney Community Manager

Jo Lee

tiney Community Manager

Sarah Read

tiney Safeguarding lead


Why do childminders need tiney?

The number of childminders in the UK is falling, despite the fact that childminders offer a unique, important type of childcare, which is highly valued by families. Our conversations with childminders and nationwide research shows that childminders love working with children and running their own independent businesses, but are leaving the profession due to the level of paperwork, financial difficulties and a lack of support. At tiney, we’re on a mission to turn this around and help you make your business even more successful.

How do I join tiney?

Our joining process is simple.

First of all, Ofsted or CMA-registered childminders complete our online suitability questionnaire. This asks you important information about you and your business,for example you will need to confirm you hold a DBS check and confirm you’ve completed paediatric first aid training within the past three years. It takes a few minutes to complete and can be done from your phone or computer.

We’ll then get in touch with you to organise an in-person home visit with one of our Community Managers. We want to learn about the quality of education and care you deliver at your setting. We’re looking providers who are just as passionate as us about delivering a gold standard of care for children and families. Following a successful home visit, we have all the information we need to create your beautiful webpage. We’ll send this to you to review along with our Provider Commitments. We’re building a strong community engaged in delivering a new and exciting experience for families. Our Provider Commitments outline the promises we make to you about the experience we want you to have as an important part of this community. They also ask you to make a commitment to using our app, services and, crucially, talking to us about your experience of being part of our tiney community so that we can improve our offering for you and the families in your care.

I’m not a childminder, but I’d like to be one. Can tiney help?

We’re always excited to hear from people who are thinking about registering as a childminder. If you’re that person, or are already in the process of registering, we can help you get your business off to a flying start. Get in touch with us to hear about how we can help you.

Once I’ve joined, how does tiney work?

We’ve got something for everyone; whether you’re a new childminder setting up your business or have years of experience under your belt, we’re confident we can add value.

We take the headache and expense out of filling your vacancies, no matter how big or complex they might be. We do this by creating beautiful webpage profiles for individual providers. You can view an example here. We match families to your availability and unique offering, and this process always includes a family visit to your setting. If you’re happy with the match, we support you to get started with free contracts, which we’ll ensure parents are happy with.

What happens to my existing families?

We want all families to benefit from our app and services. We encourage all our tiney providers to use our app and services with their existing families. Getting your current families set up is completely free and straightforward.

Is tiney a Childminder Agency?

No. Nothing changes with your Ofsted-registration when you join us. tiney providers are all self-employed and run independent businesses. We believe this means we can offer you the best combination of support and autonomy.

Do I have to pay to join tiney and be part of the community?

No. All our services, products and community events are free for tiney providers. Our goal is to ensure your business is a successful one, and this includes earning a good income, whilst also offering parent value and affordability. Tiney providers’ set their own rates for childcare and these vary by provider and region. Using comparisons with local providers and national data, we can advise you on a rate that we believe is appropriate for your setting, but your rate is your decision.

Where is tiney currently available?

tiney is currently launching across London. However, we are rapidly growing across the UK. To find out when we’ll be live in your area, sign up today

Can parents use their government-funded hours and other Tax-Free schemes with tiney?

Yes, tiney enables the use of both your 15/30 government-funded hours and eligible Tax-Free schemes to pay for your tiney childcare.

Is tiney secure and safe?

Absolutely. We take safeguarding and security very seriously - from how we work to our provider joining process all the way through to how we engineer our website and mobile products and handle your data. As parents ourselves, it is our ongoing focus to ensure tiney home-based settings are the absolute best environments for your little ones.

tiney has the highest of respect for your privacy and the security of your data. We will never share your data with third party advertisers. Any content you have shared through tiney will always remain yours, and we will always respect your rights should you decide to leave tiney. The same goes for the privacy and data of families at your setting. You can read more in our privacy policy.

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